No, the Astros’ Underachieving did not Drive Me into a Mental Institution (yet)

Hello, folks. Just a quick note to say I have not fallen off the face of the earth (as the title and the mere fact of my posting would indicate), I have not entered an asylum as one of you who e-mailed me intimated might have happened (rather gleefully intimated, I might add), I’ve just had a stressful couple of weeks culminating in a trip home to Houston, a pressing of the emotional reset button and a chance to see some Astros/Cardinals baseball live and in person.

An enormous and heartfelt THANK YOU to my friends Crystal and James, who treated me to the game last night, and parking, and a beer, and their wonderful company. What a fun return to Minute Maid Park after almost a year away (July 28, 2005, to be precise, Astros vs. Mets, Astacio vs. Pedro Martinez, he-who-shall-not-be-named returned to MMP, Astros won 2-1 with a walkoff hit by Brad Ausmus, but who’s counting). Minute Maid, I missed you so.

Fear the Puma’s Paw: The highlights of last night’s well-pitched game had to be Lance Berkman’s TWO outfield assists. Playing in right field, Lance Berkman nailed Scott Rolen at third base in the second inning and got Jim Edmonds at second in the seventh. My least favorite Cardinal, the whiny Edmonds was trying to stretch a single into a double.

From  "My philosophy is just to get it on its way," Berkman said, "and
hopefully it’ll land somewhere in the vicinity of the base. It worked
out twice tonight." That second throw was even sweeter, because Berkman made it without a glance at Edmonds or second base. "It’s called the old no-look throw," Berkman said jokingly. "You’ve
heard of the no-look pass in basketball? That was the no-look throw."

On tap tonight: Wandy Rodriguez vs. Jason Marquis. See you there!




  1. Lisa

    Thanks, Rafael. I didn’t realize Thomas had been gone for so long, as well! You were holding down the fort all by yourself–sorry!! I can’t speak for Thomas, but I’ll be around and try not to disappear like that again 🙂

    It’s nice to be missed.



    tell me again WHY? is brad “the home run pitcher” lidge still in a astros uniform

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