Garner Vents Frustration on Helpless Dugout Chair

Phil Garner, on getting tossed from the game by the worthless CB Bucknor and throwing a chair onto the field: "I got thrown out, and that chair had been bothering me the whole game," Garner said. "And I finally had a chance to throw it out of the dugout."



  1. Lisa

    Actually, Matt, I was referring not to this particular call but to a long history we’ve had with Bucknor. The call this time was indisputably the correct one. I had no issue with it. What I take issue with is Lance’s ejection. Lance threw his helmet out of frustration with himself and apparently didn’t even argue the call. I would guess that Lance, of all people, is painfully aware of the fact that he is a “slo mo” as you call him with such eloquence (never a fast man, he has only been slowed by his knee surgery last year). Lance and Garner were arguing the ejection, which is what I too take issue with.

    Garner generally has a great sense of humor. That’s why I posted the quote.

  2. Matt

    “Lance threw his helmet out of frustration with himself and apparently didn’t even argue the call”

    OK. I honestly didnt examine Berkman’s overwrought snit very closely, but I thought he was unhappy with the call.

    Your version, however, makes more sense.

  3. Thomas

    Berkman was pissed he was out, don’t even think he was going to argue the call, just threw his helmet down in frustration. The ejection was stupid.

    Garner is awesome.. I heard Biggio put him in timeout for throwing the chair though.


    wasn’t it Bucknor who tossed Oswalt in the bean war?

    Nice to have you back blogging, and hopefully the Astros can turn it around before the ASB.

    I wonder what wacky ideas they’ll come up with for the home run derby, perhaps it will be pitchers only?


    well, there’s another big issue too here. Once Gar came in to argue he was perfectly within his bounds. Bucknor, however, didn’t really listen to him so much as scream back at him. As an ump you’ve gotta sit and take it, not escalate it. This is something Bucknor is known for. He gets personal and escalates arguments, then throws people out after he’s stirred things up. Exactly how bad a rep does an ump have to have before he gets the boot?

  6. Lisa

    Bucknor has the reputation as being one of the worst umps in baseball. You’re absolutely right: He’s always in the middle of the fray, escalating issues and then throwing people out after being the instigator. I was wondering the same thing: How bad does an umpire have to be before getting fired?

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