We’re in a Fight

Slideshow_image_2_2The Astros and I aren’t on speaking terms this morning, after they spent the weekend persistently underachieving against the team with the worst record in baseball. Demerits all around. No gold stars. No Mighty Mouses to be handed out today. But that’s not why I won’t be blogging much this week: I’m out of town, at a conference in the majestic hills of upstate New York. So being in the middle of beautiful nowhere (see picture at left–pretty, yes?) I’ll have limited internet access, limited time, and no place to watch Astros games. Yes, I might be missing The Rocket’s start on Thursday. Argh. But such is life. After all, there’s more to life than baseball (yes, Mama and Daddy, it’s still your daughter writing this).



  1. jlhowell2402@yahoo.com

    The clutch position of fourth batter has changed~! — Phil, got it! Ensberg is not a clutch hitter ( Remember the World Series?); Berkmann , Lamb,or even Burke, yes!!!The Astros need to score runs and this move is great.Nieve in the bull pen will also help a lot. Go Astros!!! –A Howling fan.

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