If This Gets Around, Clemens Might Lose His Street Cred

Just to make folks smile… (I know I had a similar shot up here last week, but to see the panorama shot makes it that much funnier)




  1. dennis@starstruckpodcast.com

    Will the official mascot please stand…

    Very funny – no matter how “big” players get, it’s nice to be humbled a little bit!

  2. Lisa


    I think that’s what I’ve loved most about Roger’s minor league tour… He’s in a situation where he must solemnly listen to the national anthem with a slew of bush league mascots, participate in local fundraisers, handle the pressure to strike out batters in order for the crowd to get a gallon of free windshield wiper fluid… It must be surreal for him. I have no illusions that his ego isn’t the size of Texas or anything, I know it’s big, but he’s handled it all with grace and humility. Yes, I think it’s probably been very good for him! Thanks for visiting…

    Thomas, I have NO idea what’s going on with the over-abundance of mascots… and I don’t know what the deal with the kid is… It makes it all the funnier, at least for me.

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